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Welcome to Intellect Consulting Driving digital transformation

Digitization is challenging the status quo of every major industrial sector across our globe. Modern digital automation and technological advancements are helping to drive improvements in productivity, reinventing sectors entirely in some cases. At Intellect Consulting, we understand the vital and growing role that digital technology plays not only within Australia’s key industrial sectors but internationally as well. It is an ever evolving and critical skill set needed from the boardroom down to drive success.

Why Intellect Consulting

At Intellect Consulting, we analyse our clients requirements and provide advice and solutions on how best to drive digital transformation within their operational industry sector. We provide advice, strategies, services and support to help:

  • companies adopt a digital culture
  • assist in the development of automation programs
  • train digital teams to ensure proper integration of new and old technologies
  • promote the right organizational structure to take advantage of digital opportunities
  • improve existing digital automation via the introduction of industry leading technological advancements
  • fill the digital knowledge and experience gap needed by companies

What we do

IT Consulting:

  • IT Consulting
  • Management Consulting

IT Services:

  • Software Development
  • Database Administration
  • Training


  • Engineering Tools
  • IT Support

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Why Intellect Consulting?

  • over 25 years' experience in IT to various industry sectors
  • innovative technological solutions by using established expertise & advanced application technology integration
  • bespoke solutions to meet each clients specific IT requirements
  • always strive to achieve our client's objectives on time and on budget
  • are flexible and can be made available on demand depending on the urgency of the problem
  • maintain constant dialogue with clients through projects
  • IT support services as required

IT Consulting

The complexity of learning to use and make the most out of new IT technologies can even make Chief Information Officers (CIO) and IT leaders anxious and reluctant to integrate. Partnering with our consultancy allows your company to leverage strategic vision and insights into the future, ensuring you keep evolving with digital automation and advancements.

Management Consulting

Our Management Consulting services are designed to fill the digital knowledge and experience gap that exists in many industrial sectors. We analyse our clients operations to identify existing organizational problems, then develop strategic plans for improvement by helping them leverage new technological advancements to create new business models ...


Does your company have the right people and skills in place to drive digital strategy? Do you have the right organizational structure in place to take advantage of digital opportunities? Building an effective digital team also requires adequate training of your current workforce to ensure proper integration of new and old technologies.

Having a tech-savvy person in the boardroom asking the right questions can be a strong catalyst for change.

Building technical systems involves a lot of hard work and specialized knowledge: languages and protocols, coding and debugging, testing and refactoring.

Jesse James Garrett

As a consultancy we are committed to delivering IT solutions that achieve long-term client success. We embrace strategic processes and innovative technological solutions by using established expertise & advanced application technology integration for continuously progressing our client's businesses.

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